London Collections: Men - the evolution of men's fashion

London is aiming to establish itself as the leading menswear capital and now the four-day London Collections: Men (January 9-12, 2015) is running in the United Kingdom, showcasing the latest trends in men's fashion (for Fall-Winter 2015/2016).

London Collections: Men - the evolution of men's fashion
Darren Skey, Head of Menswear at luxury department store Harvey Nichols said: 'Menswear is evolving at a phenomenal rate. We get customers coming into the store with images from the catwalks, inquiring when or if we are getting certain styles and looks in'.

As we have previously noted the world menswear market is expanding every year and the movement to digital services is a logical step to give the customers what they want.

The young modern gentlemen love shopping online. And many of the biggest menswear brands enable their customers to order label's newest designs online right after watching the live-streaming of the fashion show.

Fashion brands also rely on the use of social media by young people for sharing and expanding excitement around their latest creations.

Stay with us for more information and photos from London Collections: Men!

A model, presenting a creation from the Fall-Winter 2015/2016 collection by KTZ during the London Collections: Men, 11 January 2015

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