Men's Fashion Cluster opens a showroom in the World Fashion Centre Amsterdam

The showroom of MFC will be opened on November 16, 2015
in WFC Amsterdam

The aim of MFC is to develop the new fashion formula:
- Made-to-order - short period from the development of the designer's idea through the manufacturing of the garment to its delivery in the store
- Made-to-measure - manufacturing of individual orders with customer's measures, design and brand

MFC invites all fashion designers from Europe, interested in MTM and MTO, to present their latest collections in the Cluster's new showroom.

* Up to 10 garments from one designer (FREE participation) - onlymen's suits, jackets and blazers, teen and children's jackets;

Each designer can present advertising materials about his/her brand as well - brochures, video files.

Men's Fashion Cluster opens a showroom in the World Fashion Centre Amsterdam

The showroom will be maintained by an image-maker, who will present the designers' collections to the potential clients.

The key media partner of the project is Be Global Fashion Network ( - an online magazine and a business catalog, which unites fashion professionals from Europe and the USA. All designers, included in the showroom will be presented FREE OF CHARGE at Be Global Fashion Network.

Don't miss this great opportunity for your business!

For over 40 years the World Fashion Centre has been a central point in the international fashion industry in the Netherlands where fashion brands, retailers and wholesalers meet, do business and exchange the latest trends.

Contact Men's Fashion Cluster at:
. +359 88 403 4645, e-mail:

Address of the showroom:
World Fashion Centre Amsterdam
Koningin Wilhelminaplein 13
1062 HH Amsterdam
The Netherlands

About the Men's Fashion Cluster:

The Cluster unites fashion designers and fashion business professionals from more than 50 countries (from Europe and other countries). It completes projects in the field of men's fashion, supports the fashion designers and the fashion industry. One of the main aims of the current campaign is to preserve the work positions in Europe and to generate ideas for the future development of the fashion industry globally to a more sustainable fashion. MFC participates in more than 50 international fashion fairs through the year and it is going to open showrooms in different trade centers in the world. You are welcome to become MFC's partner!

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