International management consultancy Simon-Kucher & Partners is now also represented in Hamburg and Stockholm

International consultancy reports rapid growth of 19 %

As you remember from our article Adjusting prices in the fashion industry, Simon-Kucher & Partners is a global consulting firm specializing in TopLine Power®, which encompasses strategy, marketing, pricing, and sales. Their clients are leading companies from a broad range of industries including fashion.

The company's business is very successful and the figures prove it:

Revenues of 116 million euros, a growth rate of 19 percent over the previous year, and a grand total of 130 million euros in incoming orders - these are the key figures of another record half-year for the international management consultancy Simon-Kucher & Partners.

According to CEOs Dr. Klaus Hilleke and Dr. Georg Tacke, the continuing digitalization has been generating particular momentum. 'Whether through the Internet of Things, the drastic increase in online sales channels, or the Fintech revolution in banking - in all areas companies are being forced to renew their traditional revenue models and make these future-proof. This is where we come into play, since it has been our specialty for over thirty years,' explains Hilleke.

International management consultancy Simon-Kucher & Partners is now also represented in Hamburg and Stockholm

Accordingly, Simon-Kucher's business forecast for 2016 looks promising. The consultancy expects to fully meet its total annual revenue target of 240 million euros. Furthermore, it does not envisage losses through the Brexit, if anything quite the opposite. 'Many of our clients are feeling uncertain about the new situation. Here too we can offer support and, for instance, develop successful reactive strategies for a weak British pound,' states Tacke.

Once again Simon-Kucher's US business contributed extensively to the outstanding half-year result. The growth rate lies at over 30 percent, driven by an unbridled development on the West Coast. Having opened a second office in Silicon Valley, Simon-Kucher now plays an even greater role in the region by serving clients from its offices in San Francisco and Mountain View. This plays straight into the hands of the consultancy, adds Tacke, 'Sheer growth in customer numbers without paying attention to profit is no longer sufficient for investors. They increasingly want to see profitable growth. We help companies turn innovative ideas into money.' This development is also reflected in Simon-Kucher's half-year result when looking at industry sales figures. The software/internet area is growing disproportionately. This is also true for the consumer goods and retail area.

Along with its good business development, they increased the number of experts and opened additional offices. Simon-Kucher is now also represented in Hamburg and Stockholm, amounting to 33 offices in 23 countries with a current total of 930 permanent employees.

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