The rise of men’s fitness wear

One of the most important things about the popular wave of fitness activities in the 1970s and 1980s was that you didn’t need much specialist equipment to join in. As long as people were wearing comfortable clothing and had proper support, especially with respect to footwear, people could get involved with jogging, running, and many other activities. The fitness wear at the time reflected this need and had a very functional look and feel to it.

The rise of men’s fitness wear

Of course, we have moved a long way from basic shorts and t-shirts, and there is now a high level of specialism in the fitness wear market. The leading sports brands created an image, identity, and look that people bought into and wanted to associate with. By the end of the 90s and the start of the new millennium, it was no longer enough to wear something comfortable; people wanted to wear sportswear that said something about their attitude and outlook on life. This is best exemplified with Nike and its “Just Do It” slogan, a call to arms for fitness fanatics around the world, but all of the main brands had an identity that people could recognize and use to showcase their own drive and desire.

Fitness wear is a major component of modern life
Fitness wear is everywhere nowadays. Gym membership in the US grew by close to 20% between 2008 and 2014, and there has been further growth since then. There are more than 5 billion gym visits every year in the US, and this means that it is a huge market for clothes companies. It also means that people are demanding more clothes that they can identify with and use to showcase themselves in the best light.

Fitness wear is also regarded as general wear for many people. The comfort of this clothing makes it an ideal choice for lounge wear, while a lot of people want to give the impression of being fit and healthy, which makes leisure wear a common choice when picking outfits. People who are in good shape want to show off their physique, and leisure wear is ideal for this aim. With this style of clothing becoming more about how a person represents themselves as opposed to just being comfortable or functional for workouts, there has been a demand for fashionable fitness wear, which has led to a rise in demand for designer fitness wear.

For 2014, the sales growth in active wear had surpassed the growth of the clothing market as a whole, with comfort, versatility, and branding being key factors in so many people opting for this style of clothing.

Big fitness wear companies sell a lot to males
The fashionable end of sportswear may be more commonly associated with the female market, but many of the larger sports clothes firms still have a predominantly male customer base. The challenge for these leading companies is to provide fashionable and instantly recognizable sportswear for males that is as fashionable as it is functional.

When it comes to appealing to males, sports endorsements and tie-ins with major players and sports remains a fantastic way to reach an audience. The sums of money that major sports companies spend on promotion and sponsorship is all the evidence required to learn that fitness wear is big business.

While improving technology has created many benefits in creating stylish and comfortable clothing, there have also been advances made in support clothing. Fitness clothing can improve a person’s performance by wicking away sweat, by keeping muscles warm, and by providing support during the warm-up and warm-down process. Anything that helps to minimize the risk of injury or that can help people improve their time or performance has to be considered as important, especially for people who are dedicated to achieving personal bests and are continually driving forward.

One of the best examples of support wear comes with the latest line of compression shirts for men. While some wearers get a psychological boost by feeling that they can perform better just by wearing it, studies have shown that maintaining warmth in muscles reduces the risk of certain injuries. This means that this style of clothing offers considerable benefits for people looking to lead a fit and active lifestyle.

There are various reasons for the increased demand for fitness wear. People are keen to stay fit, healthy, and attractive, and there are now more opportunities to lead an active lifestyle. People want to wear the clothes worn by their favorite teams and sports stars, and with celebrity endorsements and fashion designers operating in the market, fitness wear is trendy as well as being functional. Add in the fact that the right fitness wear can boost your performance and reduce the risk of injury, and you have a product that is in high demand.

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