How to Choose the Perfect Golf Jacket

Golf jackets are a compulsory part of your golfing kit, especially when playing here in the UK – we never know when the weather will turn nasty on you. There are lots of styles of golf jacket available, each offering benefits that can be useful when on the course. So how do you choose the perfect golf jacket?

How to Choose the Perfect Golf Jacket

Playability of the jacket
The top consideration should always be the playability of the jacket – how well you can move in it to complete the basics of the game such as swinging. One of the modern ways this is achieved is by using materials that have superior stretch – look for phrases such as ‘four-way stretch’ or ‘360-degree stretch’ to indicate jackets that will give you the most movement.

Sleeveless jackets or vests are another way to go for some of the warmer months where you still want an extra layer. These will have the stretch material but the lack of arm means that you naturally have more movement with them.

Features of the jacket
As well as the stretch material, modern golf jackets have lots of extra features to help them do their job. For example, the new Galvin Green wind jacket uses body mapping technology that helps you keep your core temperature steady and is windproof while being breathable – this helps keep you protected from the weather but also comfortable.

Other features that help make for the perfect jacket include the use of elastic bindings at the sleeve and around the hem of the jacket. These make for natural movement and also can absorb sweat around the wrists that can otherwise spoil your grip on the club.

Some jackets even offer UV protection as the winter sun can be as harmful as the summer one. The idea of the jacket is to keep your temperature steady, protect you from the worst of the weather and also things like UV rays when on the course.

Practical features always come first but the style of the jacket is definitely a top consideration after this. Golf fashion is a big area with top golfer working with big name brands to showcase their extensive specialist golf ranges. This means that a golf jacket can be a reasonable investment and you want one that looks the part as well as offering all those benefits.

Colours and patterns are popular in many ranges but you can also get muted, classic colours if this is more your style. Colourblock jackets are a popular trend combining blocks of a bright colour with one or two more muted ones – white and green, black with a little green, lilac and navy for example. Always check with the course you are playing if they have any particular rules about what you can wear as some might have a stricter dress code than others.

The right jacket
The right golfing jacket can last you quite a few years and this makes them a worthwhile investment. The best ones offer a great balance of practical benefits and classic styles that help rather than hinder your play on the course.

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