Patrick Dempsey becomes a business partner in Italian luxury men’s brand KA/NOA

Luxury men’s slow wear brand, KA/NOA announced today in Florence, Italy, that well-known actor and racing driver Patrick Dempsey is joining the company as a business partner. Founded in 2017 by Italian born Bruno Grande, KA/NOA is a fast-developing men’s brand that is 100% Made in Italy, from the yarn to the label, and a personal project initiated by Bruno Grande and his wife Valerie. Named for their two children, Kaia and Noah, KA/NOA prides itself on its key values of quality and simplicity, which instantly conquered the heart of Patrick Dempsey.

Leading to a natural sense of kinship and common wish to join forces to grow the brand, this powerful partnership is thus the result of an encounter between three very different personalities united by a common passion for these shared principles and a common approach to today’s

Patrick Dempsey

Commenting on the alliance, Patrick Dempsey said: “I was captivated by KA/NOA’s approach and brand values from the moment I made my first order online and was amazed by the quality and the attention to details. As a very detail-focused person, I have a strong connection to the brand’s products, brand philosophy, and most importantly, the people driving it, along with a deep respect for all that has been achieved since its creation a year ago. I am very proud and happy to be able to play a role in this adventure, and eager to learn from Bruno and the men and women who make KA/NOA the worthy enterprise that it is.”

Bruno Grande added: “It is a great honor to have touched the heart of someone like Patrick. His enthusiasm and recognition of the work we have been doing has been very rewarding for all of use. KA/NOA is the story of a passion transmitted by my father, which I hope to transmit to my kids, and the result of a desire to create a brand that is respectful of our Italian heritage, know-how and artisans. Today it represents a timeless wardrobe designed for men (and women) who enjoy living and travelling with style, in comfortable yet elegant clothes all designed to pair with each other.” He continued: “Our focus on authenticity, quality, simplicity, and understated luxury strongly echoes Patrick’s personality, emphasizing the connection between us. His participation in our brand was totally obvious to the three of us from the word go, and the launch of our partnership is a big day both for KA/NOA and for me as a person.”

As an active partner in KA/NOA, Patrick Dempsey will assist Bruno Grande in the overall development of the brand and design of collections.

Patrick Dempsey

Endless mix and match options
KA/NOA is based on the principle of a wardrobe built from basics in such a way that every item goes with the others, thus offering over a hundred possible outfit combinations from a few basic models. Packing your bag in five minutes with no need to think about what is in it spells the end of everyone’s recurrent headache! This effortless “mixing and matching” of just a few select pieces represents a dream come true for any frequent traveler.

100% Made in Italy with timeless elegance
The garments’ natural, timeless colors effortlessly blend with the high-quality exclusive materials from which they are constructed. Imbued with a philosophy that is both socially and culturally responsible, this proudly 100% Italian brand reflects a sense of relaxed, minimalist elegance, focusing on fine fabrics and a perfect fit. KA/NOA uses only the highest quality raw materials – leather, suede, boiled wool, merino wool, technical wool, SUPER 100s wool, cashmere and cotton – all spun, woven and Made in Italy. Color palettes consist of essential hues, available in tones reminiscent of sky, sea, earth and stone, as well as fine, soft materials for layering – all resulting in a collection that can be worn year-round. Every piece is distinct and more importantly timeless, thereby unaffected by the short-lived nature of today’s fashion. This underlines the brand’s philosophy of Whispered Luxury: authentic, ageless clothes that are resistant to passing trends.

Photos 1.-2.: Patrick Dempsey’s KA/NOA Shooting.
 Jonathan Glynn-Smith

Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey

Photos 3.-6.: Florence, January 9th, 2019

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