WUERRETEX by Filo d'Oro launches at Premiere Vision a preview of the first cutting-edge treatment 

Filo  d’Oro  (name  inspired  by  the  small  silk  cocoons  that,  kissed  by  the  sun,  look  like  “nuggets  of  light”),  the   business  network  and  micro-­chain  of  Made  in  Italy  silk,  returns  to  Premiere  Vision  in  the  Smart  Creation   Area,  the  exhibition  corner  dedicated  to  realities  that  have  shown  a  concrete  commitment  to  responsible   innovation  and  looking  for  sustainable  new  generation  solutions,   to  present   WUERRETEX,  a  smart   waterproofing  process  that  takes  place  directly  on  the  wire.

WUERRETEX by Filo d'Oro  launches at Premiere Vision  a preview of the first cutting-­edge treatment	   

 Not  only  a  cutting-­edge  method  of  processing   and  waterproofing,  but  a  real  revolution  that  is  also  actively  oriented  towards  sustainability.


Filo  d’Oro,  made  up  of  local  entities  such  as  A.M.  Taborelli  Srl,  Clerici  Tessuto  &  C.  SpA,  Comofil  Srl  -­ Tintoria  Filati  Portichetto  Srl  -­  Ambrogio  Pessina  Srl,  GT  2000  Srl,  Iride  Srl,  Ongetta  Srl,  Saraink  srl,   Tessilbiella  Srl,  Tintoria  Iltep  Srl,  TOT  Srl.,  ensures  quality  and  response  time  to  the  market  at  the  highest   level  thanks  to  the  ability  to  fully  control  all  the  processing  phases.


The  integration  of  the  companies  along   the  value  chain  allows  to  have  the  right  “know  how”  and  the  “savoir  faire”  that  is  needed  to  create  a   product  of  absolute  excellence,  giving  all  the  network  participants  -­  and  their  customers  -­  innovation  and   research  available  in  the  various  stages  of  the  supply  chain.

  WUERRETEX  was  born  from  a  dedicated  and  in-­depth  study  lasting  12  months  in  collaboration  with  the   researchers  of  the  Chemistry  Department  of  the  Universita  degli  Studi  dell’Insubria,  that  led  to  the  creation   of  a  new  and  exclusive  ennobling  process  that  allows  to  obtain  the  water-­repellent  effect  on  the  yarns,  be  it   natural,  artificial  or  synthetic.


The  application  of  the  particular  process  directly  on  the  thread  immediately   transforms  the  fabric  into  water-­repellent  one,  thus  eliminating  the  part  of  post  treatments  or  finishing  that   has  a  significant  environmental  impact,  as  well  as  modifying  the  natural  hand  of  the  garment  and  the   characteristics  of  the  fabric.


The  processing  is  fluorine-­free  and  formaldehyde-­free.

 In  addition  it  doesn’t  release  bioaccumulative   substances,  those  that  accumulate  within  an  organism  through  all  possible  absorption  pathways.


Another   important  result  of  the  processing  is  the  guarantee  of  preservation  of  the  natural   permeability  and   breathability  of  the  garment  worn  and  a  high  water-­repellent  effect  even  after  multiple  dry  cleaning.


  A  curiosity  that  completes  this  innovative  and  interesting  development  regards  the  manufacturing  logo.   Wuerretex’s  was  born  from  the  imagination  and  work  of  the  students  of  a  5th  class  of  the  ISIS  Setificio  Paolo   Carcano  school  in  Como.


An  involvement  of  the  territory  therefore,  which  confirms  Filo  d’Oro  association  as   one  of  the  key  realities  of  the  sector  that  also  safeguards  our  Made  in  Italy.

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