Torino Fashion Week 2021 - DIGITAL event of fashion shows, B2B, talk and workshops

The Bedroom of Madama of the historic Palazzo Madama in the central Castello Square in Turin, will act as a backdrop to the digital fashion shows of Torino Fashion Week for a perfect combination of art, fashion and it’s a culture.

To confirm the vision of the organizers, who for six years have brought Turin to the world and the world in Turin, the protagonists of the catwalks will be the emerging Italian and international designers The first show day will be dedicated to featured designers in the Al Nisa Design Collective Group which includes, Lina Dweik Couture, Mali Rose, Orchid Allure, Positive Wear, Bode Exotica Truly Yours Modest Fashion Covered Bliss, Vintage Vibes and more Already protagonist of 3 editions the designers scheduled to showcase have worked with Hollywood A List celebs, recording artist, professional athletes, film and television One of the highlights of this catwalk presentation is sure to be the street wear collection "The Struggle Series" in honor of Nelson Mandela".

I’m excited to return to the sixth edition of Torino Fashion Week stated Carmen Muhammad Al Nisa Designs In my first appearance at Torino Fashion Week. In 2017 it was an unbelievable event One of the best fashion week events I have ever attended I was blessed to return in 2018 when I hosted Al Nisa Night of the USA with a cast of 7 emerging designers from the United States, and once again I was floored by the new heights the staff had taken this event too I'm humbled to once again join the Torino Fashion Week Event with an all star cast of new emerging designers on day one.

Torino Fashion Week

For the second year, the organisation Dress for Success Serbia, in collaboration with the German non governmental organisation Help Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe, will participate in the event. The protagonists will be designers, brands and socially sensitive groups such as women, young people, national minorities returnees people with disabilities and detainees In this sense the Torino Fashion Week will play a key role for Serbia and the Balkans because for the second time, collections from different social contexts will be presented with the aim of supporting and promoting sustainable Balkan fashion.

Help-Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe is an international german organisation based in Bonn, that assists and helps people in difficulty. It was founded in the 1981 and to date supports the needy in 23 countries in order to improve their living conditions Dress for Success Belgrade Serbia is part of the international organisation Dress for Success World Wide founded in 1997.

Since then it has supported more than a million women around the world with the goal of empowering and supporting those from economically and socially vulnerable groups so that they can achieve economic independence and equality through work in the fashion sector

News of this edition is the presence of Losode African platform that connects designers and brands to consumers of all over sub Saharan Africa allowing you to buy outfits and accessories both ethnic and Western style focusing on high quality at affordable prices.

Losode in the Yoruba language means Let’s go to downtown or let’s go out and the Yoruba are a people of West Africa who live mainly in the coastal regions of southwestern Nigeria Losode’s mission is responsibility for companies manufacturers break down existing trade boundaries and increase the fashion business.

For the sixth consecutive year there will be the CNA Federmoda stylists, who, with the contribution of the Turin Chamber of Commerce will present their collections. "Federmoda which I have recently represented, takes the opportunity to showcase new talents in fashion and design and relaunch the “made in Italy” of our craftsmanship Creativity, attention to detail and hand made work distinguish our “good craftsmen” Turin will wear important clothes for an important event because in the soul of Turin there is The Good Habit and our beautiful t radition" notes Mioara Verman President CNA Federmoda Piemonte “It is with great pleasure that Cna Federmoda Lombardia participates more and more actively with TFW, now an important catwalk to enter the world of fashion” says Beppe Pisani, President Federmoda CNA Lombardia.

Furthermore, an important collaboration with The European American Business Organization of New York, will support the sixth edition of Torino Fashion Week.

Another news of this edition is the creation of a web magazine dedicated to Torino Fashion Week a glam tool to deepen the themes related to emerging fashion designers, illustrate success stories from Torino Fashion Week and give ample prominence to the protagonists of the fashion shows.

As always there will be on line Talks with prestigious international speakers from the fashion industry and 4 days of B2B event 5, 6, 7, 8 October.

The fashion designers will also have at their disposal an important personalised e commerce within the torino fashion week eu website and the possibility of join baiabasa com the free social business platform that boosts the business international because it offers companies, entrepreneurs startups and investors the opportunity to enter contact with each other and with the supply chain opening an online store. True HUB of emerging fashion, as last year Torino Fashion Week will be totally digital thanks to an innovative Web APP that will propose the different meetings and connect designers, buyers and viewers all over the world.

The online event will be live streaming from 3 to 9 October from 21 pm at the bottom of the QR code) and will guarantee the spectacularisation of fashion thanks to the fashion shows that will exhibit as special guest, Dimitar Dradi Giuseppe Fata, Gerardo Orlando, Livrea Movement and for protagonists Italian and international fashion designers small and medium sized enterprises and brands more and more sustainability oriented.

The fashion show will be visible for 21 days also at Rinascente Torino located in Via Lagrange 15 where a led wall will be installed on the main window active 24 hours a day. The Torino Fashion Week Digital Award will also be presented on 9 October at 21 p m by Rinascente, CNA Federmoda, Cherasco Bank.

Rinascente will award 3 fashion designers (one for each section men, women, accessories who will be able to exhibit for a month CNA Federmoda and Cherasco Bank will incentivize a stylist with a free participation fee for the next edition, while Hangover will select an emerging designer who will be hosted in the Turin showroom for 2 months.

Totally digital thanks to Web APP the viewers the public, buyers and operators of the sector will be able to follow both the fashion shows of the Torino Fashion Week and the delivery of press, virtually get backstage and get to know emerging designers, international designers and niche brands through interviews.

New, fast and easy to use, the Web APP includes a rich e commerce section where consumers will have the chance to buy online the garments of emerging fashion designers, while buyers and retailers will be able to order the outfits of the new season and will have a whole series of dedicated services.

Of course there will be the business soul of the format that will guarantee 4 days of webinars addressed to SMEs start ups and entrepreneurs in the textile and fashion sector and a series of international meetings online dedicated to B 2 B and organised through the b 2 match platform.

As every year will be held the B 2 B Torino Fashion Match October 5 6 7 8 organised by Unioncamere Piemonte within the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) and Sector Group Textile and Fashion of which the institution is a partner.

The EEN network, created by the European Commission to support the entrepreneurial activity and growth of european enterprises in particular SMEs is divided into more 600 contact points organised in consortia located in more than 60 countries.

Confirming the success of the B 2 B Torino Fashion Match, in 2019 the event received the award as EEN SGs. Best Practice among all the activities of B 2 B carried out within the 17 Sector Groups of the EEN network. The European Commission and his Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises have rewarded him for the innovative impact, for the media visibility that offers companies and the network itself and for the networking potential that generates fostering the birth of international collaborations.

Torino Fashion Week is organised by TMODA s r l the institutional partners to date are Unioncamere Piemonte, Chamber of Commerce of Turin, European Commission, Entreprise Europe Network European network in support of SMEs co financed by the European Commission), CNA, CNA Federmoda Palazzo Madama, Fondazione Torino Musei and Chamber of Commerce of Nigeria.

Among the non institutional partners House of Mandela, Al Nisa, Losode Dress for Success Belgrade Help Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe The European American Business Organization of New York Vie Fashion Week Dubai, Rinascente, Cherasco Bank, Cancer Research Regional Foundation through the campaign Life is Pink, Hangover Q easy, Toro Legal Hub, Wellness Project, Concorde Hotel, Radio Gold.

Casting and fashion shows are curated by Fashion Team, the make up by GV Make up Academy supported by Kryolan and hairstyling by Luigi Silvestro di Giovio&Silvestro hairdressers. The Digital it is signed by Sei Stream and the photos by Paolo Ratto and Erik Castello.

Included among the world fashion weeks by industry operators TFW is an independent event and innovative for emerging brands, young designers and small and medium sized fashion companies. The international vocation of TFW which however does not underestimate the importance of local and national talents is confirmed by the ability to attract companies, brands, buyers and designers from all over the world thanks to the collaboration with local and foreign authorities to offer fashion designers an international showcase.

From 2016 to today brands from all over the world take part in this event that combines 7 days of international fashion shows, conferences and workshops with speakers of each continent and a series of bilateral meetings (B2B) between buyers and experts of international sector.

The format is promoted worldwide thanks to the collaboration with the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) - the most important European network, co financed by the European Commission to support small medium sized enterprises through services aimed at innovation and internationalisation.

The network EEN is widespread everywhere with more than 600 contact points to facilitate the growth and competitiveness of companies wishing to innovate and grow internationally.

The wide and so great call that the event has had in 5 years has consolidated the strength of the format favoring an exponential growth especially globally. This is the new generation of fashion shows dedicated to emerging small and medium sized enterprises and to all the new brands that want to be noticed that want to assert themselves and that are always more sustainability oriented by paying more attention to quality and real content. The TFW certainly represents the sustainable and young future, a new way of to mean the spectacularisation of fashion.

“The covid 19 has marked a metamorphosis in the fashion system" underlines Claudio Azzolini founder of the Torino Fashion Week and Vice President CNA Federmoda provincial, who adds The online format, which it was conceived in 2020 it follows its primordial ideas consistently and adapts to changes and innovation to promote a sustainable model in the fashion sector While hoping to be able to return to future a part of the show, TFW continues with the digitisation of the event and makes use of a online platform that will offer users access to interviews, webinars and digital fashion shows of brands emerging people from all over the world. We are proud to be other than the already well note Fashion Weeks.

Above all we want to give voice to all the talented designers and companies of everything the world, inviting them to participate in an extraordinary week full of inspiring content and contacts. Our goal is to find new and emerging brands in every corner of the world, who really want to be noticed. The future of fashion shows has changed. Like everything around us. And like many things the textile /fashion sector will become more and more digital. The innovative vision it has always been the soul of the Torino Fashion Week that has been wanted to distance itself from the traditional shows. But today it becomes an imperative for all. The same stylists are finally realising that the rhythm of the past unsustainable to date becomes almost embarrassing. You can no longer run to produce more and faster. The pandemic that overwhelmed us taking us away many things perhaps it has given us a sense of time and what is really important as well as a greater sense of time. Beware of the quality of what matters. Even in work.

TMODA s r l is a company founded among professionals in February 2020 at the will of Claudio Azzolini (creator and organiser of Torino Fashion Week, Vice President CNA Federmoda provincial) with the aim to represent the highest values of emerging fashion, it is a platform that accelerates the business, proposing a physical space that goes beyond the common ateliers and links international relations with the sector. Its intentions are to protect coordinate, disseminate and enhance the image and style both in Italy and abroad and reproposing the world of fashion in the City of Turin and Piedmont by developing and promoting trade also thanks to emerging designers. Its purpose is to respond concretely to the process of development and reaffirmation of the fashion sector in the Piedmontese capital passing through local and international designers.
Thanks to TMODA, then, Torino returns to be an observatory of the local national and world fashion.

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