Prof. Jimmy Choo’s JCA and London Fashion Academy present VESELA VALEVA collection

JCA BA Design, Branding and Entrepreneurship designer Vesela Nikolaeva Valeva is to debut VESELA VALEVA, a women’s wear contemporary and folklore-inspired brand which celebrates craftsmanship. Presented during the inaugural JCA Undergraduate show at Mayfair on 20th June, Valeva's debut show will showcase the first six looks of the brand as a cohesive collection. The brand’s ethos is to celebrate the designer’s heritage by preserving the Bulgarian craft and reinventing its future. As a Bulgarian designer, Vesela Valeva aims to merge folklore elements with contemporary-style garments. Through intriguing storytelling, the designer strives to build a Bulgarian fashion-conservative community and immerse the customer in the world of Vesela Valeva.

Prof. Jimmy Choo’s JCA | London Fashion Academy presents VESELA
VALEVA by Vesela Nikolaeva Valeva

The main inspiration for this collection is the Bulgarian fire dance ritual ‘Nestinarstvo’, one of the oldest folklore traditions still preserved to this day. Each outfit has a strong silhouette representative of the fierce and resolute qualities of the Bulgarian fire dancers. The intricate crochet and knitted patterns paint the texture of the burned wood, set in the fire. The vest’s curved necklines with embellishments follow the shapes of traditional Bulgarian garments. The crochet embellishments on the dress and back of the vest present an abstract take on traditional Bulgarian embroidery which also represents the fire dance ritual. On the runway, each look will be complemented by Bulgarian jewellery designed by Mirela Argirova.

Vesela Valeva comments: ‘Through this capsule collection I wanted to celebrate the power and allure of the Bulgarian folk traditions. Specifically through my crochet pieces, I wanted to capture the exaggerated texture of the burnet wood as it starts to decompose into a bed of ember.’

VESELA VALEVA is a women’s wear brand that looks to celebrate Bulgarian folklore through a contemporary style. The designer’s love for her heritage inspires pieces that showcase traditional craftsmanship presented in an innovative and elevated manner.

The JCA opened its doors in Mayfair in September 2021 and quickly became regarded as ‘revolutionary’ by government ministers and ‘design trailblazers’ by industry commentators, the Academy has been built with one sole purpose: to support and accelerate emerging designer entrepreneurs in the ultra-competitive world of fashion. To do so, the school tailors the learning of each individual to the discipline they are interested in rather than offering a homogenous curriculum to a large number of students. In November 2022, the JCA opened a second campus located in the heart of West London. Boston Manor House is dedicated to unearthing and sculpting the next generation of craft pioneers. Designer-entrepreneurs on the Sustainability-focused MA Course in Entrepreneurship in Design and Brand Innovation will be based at the JCA and have access to its unrivalled design facilities.

ABOUT Mirela Argirova
A Bulgarian jewellery designer who works with natural products such as leather and crystals to produce intricate pieces for people with an artistic sensibility and style. Mirela Argirova aims to break fashion’s stereotypes, boost self-esteem and bring joy with her one-of a kind hand-crafted pieces.


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