Orange is the hottest fashion trend for Spring-Summer 2009

Orange is the most fashionable colour for spring-summer season 2009. From light bold orange to reserved and delicate peach and red hues, as a base colour or an accent in clothes. Orange will be presented in the wardrobe of these who want to be fashion. It will give a fresh air into classic dresses and a retro style when it is combined with contrasting brown trousers.

Nontraditional but much more offered from designers are combination of orange with fuxia and green. Stylish and attractive is the combination of one-coloured orange trousers with a vest or shirt with flower elements or an orange coat with a varicoloured skirt.

Spring-Summer 2009 trends - orangeSpring-Summer 2009 trends - orange

Spring-Summer 2009 trends - orangeSpring-Summer 2009 trends - orange

Evgenia Jivkova's spring - summer collection is called “Sunny woman”. Clothes are wearing with mood and joy and one of the preferred colours in collection is coral orange.

Spring-Summer 2009 trends - orangeSpring-Summer 2009 trends - orange

In the SPORT's theme in Arda - Rousse 's collection has pastel orange, which will give you intellectual ambition and tenacity. Fashion houses Markam and Galinel also present models with orange accents.

Spring-Summer 2009 trends - orangeSpring-Summer 2009 trends - orange

We present to you more models in orange of the Spain designers Maria Lafuente, Cesar Gonzalez, Concha Ceballos and swimming suits ORY that were presented at Castilla y Leon fashion week in March.

Model of Maria LafuenteModel of Maria Lafuente

Model of ORY Model of ORY

Model of ORY Model of ORY


1. - 4. Evgenia Jivkova models from spring-summer collection 2009 “Sunny woman”
Photo © Moni Franses
5. - 6. Models of Arda-Rousse
Photo © Arda-Rousse
7. Models of fashion house Markam Fashion for summer 2009
Photo © Archive Markam Fashion
8. Model of fashion house Galinel
Photo © Archive Galinel
9. - 10. Models of Maria Lafuente, shown on Castilia and Leon fashion week
11. - 12. Models of Cesar Gonzalez
13. - 14. Models of Concha Ceballos
15. - 18. Models of swimming suits with the label of ORY
Photo ©
19. - 21. Oscar de la Renta models from spring-summer collection
Photo ©

Model of Oscar de la RentaModel of Oscar de la RentaModel of Oscar de la Renta

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