Kate Moss has ordered six outfits from Poltock and Walsh`s new collection

Kate Moss has ordered six outfits from Poltock and Walsh's new collection

The 35-year-old model is a huge fan of the design duo - who launched their label in 2006 after meeting at London's Kingston university - and has already secured a number of pieces from their Autumn/Winter 09 range.

Designers Fiamma Poltock and Katie Walsh confirmed: "Kate is one of the biggest style icons worldwide and we're sure gets bombarded with clothing from designers around the world, so for her to come directly to us and make such a great selection is really a huge honour."

The pair added they could hardly believe their eyes when they saw Kate wearing one of their Spring/Summer 08 pieces.

The told Vogue.com: "When we first spotted Kate in one of our dresses we were over the moon. Kate's style is so effortless yet sexy which is perfect for Poltock + Walsh. We never expected for her to become a fan of our work but since she wore the night shade dress, she has ordered one or two pieces from each collection."

Fiamma and Katie's latest collection is inspired by snowflakes, and features thick knits, tight dresses and tailoring.

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