Manuel Bozzi…from Mambam to worldwide Mambamondo

Manuel Bozzi…from Mambam to worldwide Mambamondo

MAMBAMONDO pendant born from creativity of Manuel Bozzi as a small amulet, a port-bonheur that wishes conquests and infuses trust and sense of affiliation. The designer, who always loves to play with the meanings and the symbols, one time more surprises us with a small treasure that represents with irony the earth and roots of everybody.

A Globe pendant in sterling silver that truly represents a World of which the artist chisels the edges and commands the tides. Belonging to his typical art and personal way of creating, MANUEL BOZZI, always transmits his feelings in the metal. He started from the MAMBAM to trace a map and to originate a real silver MAMBABONDO. Always smiling..... "Rock the world! ".

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