Women spend 16 months of their life crying

Women spend 16 months of their life crying Women spend average 16 months of their life crying. During the first year they cry three hours a day when they need their diapers to be changed or when they need food or entertainment.

Between the first and third year the girls cry up to two hours and five minutes a day when they are tired, when they fall down or don't receive what they want. At teen age the girls cry average two hours and thirteen minutes a week mainly because of hormones, quarrels with friends or parents or because they were dumped by their boyfriend. The survey among 300 women was made by the site www.TheBabyWebsite.com. It also says that after the age 19 years women cry two hours and 14 minutes a week. Between 19 and 25 years age a romantic movie is enough for the woman to look for a napkin as well as a loss of a beloved person. After 25 years the most often reasons for emotional tears is a separation with the partner, bad news and tiredness. BGNES

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