Donna Karan carries a pad with her at all times in case inspiration strikes

  Donna Karan carries a pad with her at all times in case inspiration strikes

The US fashion designer enjoys the initial process of imagining a new collection, and likes to be prepared in case she sees something which triggers an idea.

She explained: "I love the conceptual part of the design process, which can come before seeing the fabric. I draw the ideas in my sketchbook, which I carry with me through the day, wherever I am, whatever I am doing."

Donna admits some of designs end up looking a lot different when they are finally made as they morph when they are being sewn.

She said: "Fabrics have to have a balance of form, function and fantasy. You have an idea, but then the fabrics take you in a different direction. I love playing with them on the body, letting them speak to me."

Donna has also opened up about the designers she most admires, explaining her favourites are those who have helped fashion progress.

She added to Britain's Tatler magazine: "I always look back before going forwards and love women designers who revolutionised fashion - women like Claire McCardell, who played up the masculine and feminine, my mentor Anne Klein and Coco Chanel - each of them contributed to modern fashion as we know it."

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