Claudia Schiffer no longer wants to do catwalk modelling

Claudia Schiffer no longer wants to do catwalk modellingThe supermodel is giving up appearing on the runway and wants to concentrate on other aspects of modelling.

The mother-of-two said: "I'm finished with the runway. I won't miss it. I am still modelling and enjoy that a lot but no more runways."

Claudia added she gets more enjoyment from watching fashion shows as a spectator rather than taking part.

The 39-year-old beauty told Britain's Telegraph newspaper: "I can sit on the side and view the outfits and see all the details and that suits me fine. It's very enjoyable. I like my viewpoint."

Claudia recently revealed she will never have plastic surgery as she would be worried about the impact it might have on her health.

She said: "I would never have plastic surgery, as I'd be worried about the long-term effects. Ageing is part of life and I think everyone must accept that looks will change."

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