The new collection of Heidi Klum is for the busy mothers

The new collection of Heidi Klum is for the busy mothers Heidi Klum’s new clothing collection is aimed at busy mothers.

The supermodel – who raises four children with husband Seal – says she decided to create the line, Heidi Klum for New Balance, because she wanted something comfortable and stylish to wear when she takes her kids to school.

She said: “Moms are doing so many things, we have so many hats on – go to Starbucks, meet a friend, go to a meeting – and you don’t really want to do that in nasty sweatpants. I myself have to drive 35/40 minutes to go to school, and that time of the day, 7.20 when I have to leave my house, I don’t want to have to be wearing something too cute or too tight, because there are errands to do. So I thought about what is missing that we can all wear, that is cooler, that is active, that is stylish.”

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