Translucent pastel footwear - Crocs Spring 2011 line

Crocs are one of the ugliest shoes in the world and yet they get a comfortably cute makeover, providing an updated style and comfort that they offer with their new Crocs Spring 2011 line.

The new Crocs Spring 2011 line offers many different styles, such as a flat shoe made with a jelly-like material and breathable holes, or a strappy sandal, made of the same jelly-like material but with the classic foam sole. There’s even fitness Crocs—combining the comfort of Crocs with the a new leg-toning feature.

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style! With the new and improved Crocs Spring 2011 line, you can be comfy and cozy while still managing to be totally stylish. Funky colors, fun patterns, non-marking outsoles and cushioned footbeds are a recipe of happiness for any fashionista.

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