Thirty Years Of History, Thousand Jewels And One Woman - RADA

Thirty Years Of History, Thousand Jewels And One Woman - RADA Beads, macro strass, brass petals and trickles of burnished chain. A necklace trusses up precious materials, amalgamating them, then lettings them scatter and flow to "dress" femininity according to the style of RADA. This is the exemplar created by Daniela Ravioli's creative flair on occasion of the company's 30th anniversary.
And produced as a limited edition of just 300 pieces, as is fitting for celebratory item.

It was during the 80's that Daniela's creative river flowed into the ocean of suggestions balanced between art and fashion which have distinguished RADA over the years.

And it is during those same years that Daniela's creative geography was enriched by new itineraries: Bali which, as of that moment, became a second home and an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Beads and strass collets bridled in chiffon, just as the brand still produces today; waterfall-like collars of gemstones and metal; an alchemy of different materials traceable to unmistakable aesthetics which draw on the history of twentieth century costume and shape her own, unique style.

Since then, RADA has never changed its philosophy, that of sewing pieces together on a fabric base, of bringing together the softness of light materials such as chiffon and gauze, of the expressive power of gemstones, brass and beads.

The mark of the 50's is both strong and long-lasting, that of macroscopic jewels, of brass-plated inflorescence which hails the world of a flare of femininity.
Lastly, the modulation of pieces Daniela brings into her aesthetic pentagram: feathers, fabric, stones, beads, strass, metals.

Put together in a way which deeply and unequivocally RADA - always.

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