Wednesday night is most likely to open a bottle of wine

Wednesday night is most likely to open a bottle of wineThis show the results of a new British survey.

It's been three full work days, and there are only two more. And that's enough reason for Britons to open a bottle of wine on Wednesday night at approximately 6.55 p.m.

So, Wednesday night is a Wine night. Let's see what kind of wine do they prefer:

40% of people, who took part in the research like red wine more, 36% - white and 20% - rosé wine.

Men drink a glass of wine earlier than women.

This happens at about 6.40 p.m. While ladies do it half an hour later.

52% of people say that they combine wine with food, while 37% drink without relish.

Only 8% of men and women leave their homes and go somewhere nearby for a few hours to relax in the middle of the week.


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