International fashion design contest Men's Style - an opportunity for young and approved designers

The Men's fashion cluster organizes International fashion design contest for designers, fashion photographers and filmmakers and the theme is: 'Men's suit - modern and practical'.

MFC's International fashion design contest - an opportunity for young and approved designersThe main aims of the project are to make the suit more attractive and practical in everyday life of men, teenagers and children, to preserve made-to-measure traditions and to promote the use of wool fabrics, which allow the clothes to breath, being ecologically clean, practical, light and fine.

Designers who use wool fabrics can receive support from MFC to produce their collections.

The project offers also specific business opportunities, for preserving and opening new working places in the men's suit industries. The MFC will support people with business ideas and willingness to achieve successful business realization.

The contest has two stages:
- Monthly online contests (from January 2014 to December 2014);
- Revue-spectacle on August 22, 2014 in Zheravna, Bulgaria.

In the contest can participate young and approved designers from all over the world who are at least 18 years old.

For participating in the contest please send via email
up to 10 sketches or pictures of men's suits made by your design;
- description of the concept and the models;
- declaration that the models are yours (free writing);
- short presentation/autobiography (profile in the Social networks, articles for you in internet, your own website, blog, etc.).

Monthly prizes (from January 2014 till December 2014) include:
- up to 50 approved designers will receive:
= business plan for developing mobile or station atelier for made-to-measure men's suits;
= training for the realization of the business plan
- up to 5 designers will receive:
= developing a lining for man's suit from a designer's project;
= sewing up to 10 models of the collection (they should be compatible for factory production).
- 5 days production practice;
- photo session of the collection;
- PR campaign for the designer and his collection in the media partners of the project;
- inclusion of the collection in a commercial catalog/magazine;
- inclusion of the collection in e-shop platform to MFC;
- a percentage of sales of the collection;
- a percentage of sales of the models inclu
ded in the e-shop;
- participation of the collection in an international fair of joint booth (30 prizes).

On August 22, 2014 will be held an Annual contest fashion show on the subject 'Vintage' (the suits must contain elements of traditional folklore costumes of the designer's country) - a bridge between the traditions and the today's fashion trends.

Annual prizes are:
- participation of the designer in a book (presentation of the designer and his models) - 50 prizes;
10 prizes of the sponsors;
- 10 statuettes and certificates of honor for designers.

So, if you are a young or approved designer, who is looking for new business opportunities, you can take part in MFC's project and help your company develop more.

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