The International Men's Style fashion design contest at MRKET Las Vegas

International Men's Style fashion design contest at MRKET Las VegasMRKET is a global fashion trade show for discerning menswear brands. Representing the best collections in all categories from the United States and abroad, MRket is the only show in the US to spotlight a MADE IN ITALY section and a UK Design area.

The director of the Men's Fashion Cluster Dean Manev is at MRKET in Las Vegas in order to meet all fashion designers, interested to join the Men's Style project.

You can meet him at booth 1775. The major goal of the Men's Style contest is to preserve made-to-measure traditions in the production of the men's business suit and to make it more attractive and practical in everyday life of men, teenagers and boys. At the same time the fashion designers will have a chance to start their own business or develop an existing one, offering made-to-measure suits. Their models will be produced, advertised and marketed by the organizers, who will pay the designers for the sale of every suit with their label. There are also many other business opportunities and prizes for the designers.

The project also accepts applications from fashion photographers and filmmakers, who want to show their vision of Men's Style. The Men's Fashion Cluster is also looking for made-to-measure agents from Europe and USA. Their responsibilities will be to take measures from men, who have ordered a custom suit at the e-shop of the cluster, where will be sold the men's suits, made for the contest from the participating designers.

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