Painless heated line hair removal product limits hair regrowth

Depitime Heated Line Removal is produced by nanoTime, a famous Japanese brand.

Use the advanced technology 'International painless heated line', the heated line (the blade) carbonizes hair trough heat transmission and promote hair dropping from follicle completely, finally to remove the hair forever.

Painless heated line hair removal product limits hair regrowth

The result is greatly smart and permanent, after using a period of time, it can help improve hair follicle becoming thinner and hair become sparser.

The product is specifically designed to remain 0.1 cm hair root in order to avoid any skin injury. You can buy it at Use the code bgfashion - it will save you 10% !!! Please, email us your opinion about the product at

The accumulated heat treatment extend to hair roots, greatly effect and decrease the ratio of keratin in hair, which will slow down and retain hair regrowth.

Painless heated line hair removal product limits hair regrowth

It makes new growth hair thinner, also slow down the growth speed.

Painless heated line hair removal product limits hair regrowthPainless heated line hair removal product limits hair regrowth

The product offers two size blades and different temperature levels.

Depitime Heated Line Removal can be really useful for both men and women for all of the 'trouble' zones - armpits, arms, legs, upper lip area, bikini line, chest, back, beard and hair contour.

The package includes: 1 hair removal, Manual (in English, Chinese and Japanese), plug, portable bag, 5 sanding papers, 3 large heads, 1 small head, cleaning pad.

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