Some interesting facts for the supermodel Karlie Kloss

Some interesting facts for the supermodel Karlie Klos The famous model Karlie Kloss admits that her favorite ballet is responsible for her style of dress in everyday life.

"I grew up dancing, like ballet, but I was too high to do it professionally", says Kloss.

"As a young ballerina my updo was mandatory as the lack of rigorous makeup and clothing. This influenced my style over the years, and I try to wear very little makeup, only light blush and mascara to hide the imperfections", says the model in an interview with a famous French newspaper.

Besides her handsome face, Karlie tries to maintain the level of her education, because she wants to develop her own business after the model's carrer.

Karlie Kloss considered Cara Delevigne and Jordan Dunn as two of her closest friends, and she says that to achieve something you must give a lot of yourself. Her idol is Christy Turlington.

"My inspiration is Christy Turlington, she is an icon . After 30 years of work she continues to work and she does not stop even for a moment", concludes the American model.

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