Fashion is bigger passion for men than it is for women

No matter what stereotypes say about the women's passion for fashion, a new British research shows that men in any age group in the UK have more valuable clothing collections than ladies.

Fashion is bigger passion for men than it is for womenThe average value of young man's wardrobe is £1,227 while female one costs about £150 less - just £1,078.

Expensive designer clothes are young men's way to look modern. They admit spending an average of £362 on their most expensive piece of clothing.

About 40% of young men spend more than £50 every month for trendy garments and the incredible £960 million are spent on fashion by this demographic group each year.

This tendency is seen mainly through the younger generation - the figures show that the contents of a young man's wardrobe is about 45% more expensive than that of men in their fathers' generation.

Dan Simson, head of home insurance at Privilege, who conducted the research, said: 'It is clear that the younger generation sees their clothing as a status symbol and are willing to invest a lot of their disposable income into looking good'.

Photo: Richmart men's suit

Free made-to-measure training for designers and agents

Richmart men's suits factory invites all fashion designers to a free made-to-measure training.

Richmart is a factory, manufacturing made-to-measure men's suits. The factory is in Ruse, Bulgaria, Eastern Europe and has a capacity for production of up to 1300 suits per day.

This training could be a great opportunity for all fashion designers to create their own made-to-measure men's suits fashion line.


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