"Triumph International" reveals "the trick of the Japanese woman"

The Japanese government has started a procedure for post privatization in the country and the worldwide underwear producer “Triumph International” has joined to this large initiative in way, which grasps the attention and burns up the imagination of many people.

Company’s designers in Japan created a special brassiere named “Triumph Post Privatization – Total Surprise Bra!”. The underwear was introduced on the 10th and 11th of May 2005 at Triumph’s Tokyo headquarters and Yu Misaki was chosen for its image girl.
The underwear is made up of a brassiere, waist-belt, and shorts – all in signal red - reminiscent of the design of Japanese post boxes. Both cups are designed with a little slit, representing the mouth of the post box, which can be used to post a pad in the form of a letter. Special researches show that real letters can be used, but probably they will not be delivered!
The post office mark is shown on the back portion of the waist-belt. The shorts are hip-hangers with extravagant belt-shaped strings. The hip portion of the shorts has also been decorated with the words – “You say!” a play on “Yusei” – the Japanese term for the postal services.
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