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You are the heart of the company. In your company no one never is bored, for your friends you are crazy, wild, unpredictable…

This for sure is not scaring you, you know that you are different, but what is better than that?!

You are used to be always in the middle of the attention of the others, this is not intentional, but always happens.

I recommend you the hit of the season – the gold color. Here is the moment to calm you down – it doesn’t matter how tall, thin, brown or blond are you.

The gold is the absolute favorite and it is convenient for each one of you – the only condition is: brown “chocolate” skin.

As for the dress line… in the upper part, it is with fine cobweb and tightly follows your body – throw away the brasseries, it will be hot evening!

Caramel-gold stones “Swarovski”, expensive strass surround the chest, naked back and “frisé” from 100% silk satin – “cool” isn’t it?

You think that you have a small chest and you think this is a problem. In fact there is no problem, because the dresses have build-in wonder bra fillings, body colored and believe me, it gives more promising shapes of your body.

Brilliance of your dress and sexy image – you can’t be unnoticed!


Lets be honest – you don’t want to create “wind” around you and you like the feeling to be on the top. Your style of dressing is absolutely eccentric, as you are.

For the dresses you are wearing I can tell you for sure that you don’t take in mind the comfort and handiness but the impression they have on others. You are born for Hollywood! That is why I think that the silhouette of your dress should be worthy for “Oscar” – the classic of black and white contrast and tons of French lace and silk.

Many hand processed roses, which shade on black background, over 20 nuances of black in beads – from lead-gray to the anthracite-black and bright white crystals, filling the heart of the flowers.

When I saw the project for this dress, me the lead designer of the company became breathless. There is nothing more exciting than the “fish” silhouette – line, tightly following the shape of the body until the knee and then – a waste of meters and meters of textile downside.

You enter triumphing in the middle of the evening – change radically your silhouette – raise your dress and follow the rhythm of the dance – it will be a hot evening!


The feeling of sex comes from you no matter what you wear. Your body is beautiful and it can be seen even through your denims, sport skirt or trousers.

And a body with sensual face makes you diabolical sexy.

Here for I highly recommend you the silhouette of a dress with deep cut naked back, splendid neckline and fire nuance colors.

Intense cyclamen, scarlet red and orange mixing in a competition for superiority, very naughty slash, ending at the edge of you hip and two minimalistic ties, which are “crimped” gives more magnificence around the chest – like this we saw you – me and my team.

And we decided that you need just a little more glamour around your sexy waist – crystal bars “Swarovski”, carefully selected in over 15 nuances, they refract so the light, that every movement of yours is an event.

Sexy image and fire light in every movement – that is you, when you enter in the club of school leavers “Galinel”. May be you already noticed that this year the fashion “good girls” is in the past. Long live sexy look! What? May be you are saying that you are not so sexy? I forbid thinking like this!

You are “killer” sexy and we can prove you that in one night you can provoke and take in your hands the whole world around you!

You are a dream girl. You love challenges and your adventurous spirit always draws you in new adventures. The truth is that you are a little bit “chaotic”, but you are never bored. Planning? What is this? But you don’t know what will be the day tomorrow.

Regarding the way you influence the “man’s world”, it is as challenging as you are.

Highly recommended is the fire nuance of the red color, deep neckline and clear dress silhouette.

You think that’s all? No, no, no – here impression is made by the orient elements and the plenty of hand build-in stones – from pure white, through ivory, ending at rusty-brown – really amazing!

Fine shoulder straps made from crystals and obligatory - naked back. Disarrange your hair, make-up only your eyes – yes, I know – the dress is amazing, just like you are.

For us, you are the image of child’s purity – as your vision. Often you are compared to “Barbie” and often you are angry about this - but don’t be, this is the most precious in you. When we created the dress project, we wanted to boost your “Barbie” vision.

You are thinking that we saw you in a short silhouette dress? – no, but long one, with deep slash, on the edge of decency – yes! Great provocation, isn’t it? The color is sand-cold. Don’t forget, there is one more thing, brown “chocolate” skin.

As for the neckline – here comes the accent – strass and beads caught the entire color palette of “Sahara” desert. The textile… well the textile is 100% silk, the only material that impresses the colorness around the chest. Only the silk refracts the light in the same abundance of nuances on every gesture of yours.

Let your hair fall free and do not experiment with complex hair-styles and buns. From all visions, yours is the most rarely seen and most interesting for me, as a designer. When we developed the project of this dress, me and my team of designer wanted to tell you: “Just be yourselves!”.


Girls, girls… the world is in your feet. You know it and we know it. You are so confident, that you make the world around you think as you do. You are “real”, absolutely “real” and always tell what is in your mind, no matter it is pleasing or not. You are open – that’s it. Congratulations!

People like you are not often to meet. You like yourselves what you are. There is nothing sexier from your confidence, remember this, there for we were very daring when we created your vision. Bright cyclamen – this is your color. Large open back and waist, the silhouette is so provocative and sexy as you selves. We don’t want to talk about “hand made”, despite that 120 hours of hand work are not to be disregarded, but we want to concentrate on the dress line. Here the “wonder bra” experts have integrated special filling for special effects.

Our department of “constructors” has created the dress line so that it follows the silhouette of your body so tightly, “indecently” tightly. For us there is no other girl, but you, to show in the right way this “killer” dress. We are happy that you exist.

Galina Dencheva – Lead designer of Galinel

Photos by Encho Naidenov

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