70th Cannes Film Festival - Men are breaking the black-tie dress code slowly


We are showing this trend for more than two years now. Little by little men are breaking the black-tie dress code. Since this process started some day we will see men with colorful suits on the red carpet, men showing their individuality. Why should all men wear black or dark blue? It is true that men are conservative, but successful men long to show their individual style. Now we see on the red carpet men with sneakers, men wearing t-shirts underneath their suits. Sometimes we see men wearing colors on the red carpet - colorful ties, pocket squares, and the bravest wear colorful suits. All this is not allowed by the black-tie dress code but it is a "small fault" and is forgiven. But it is a sign. I am sure that in several years men will totally break the black-tie dress code and start wearing more colorful suits, not just wear black. Men will break free from the rules. If you agree with me, please drop me a line at silvia@bgfashion.net

Men's suits
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Cast and crew from the movie attend the press conference for `Good Time` during the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival, in Cannes, France, 25 May 2017. Aren't they beautiful and unique?
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