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Sortilege de Cartier: the magic of the stones

Sortilege de Cartier: the magic of the stones

The gardens of the Villa Aurelia, built by Cardinal Farnese in the heart of Rome, were chosen by Cartier as the perfect place to unveil its new High Jewellery collection, Sortilège de Cartier.

The collection has been conceived both as a tribute to femininity and a journey in jewellery deep into the world of perfume, allowing Cartier to explore new creative horizons.

The unique villa with its 17th-century architecture and wonderful gardens made a worthy setting for a truly rare experience as this collection wafted its evocative magic on the air.

Guests wound their way through a maze of plants to reach the Orangery where a spectacular selection of high jewellery pieces was on display, honouring the talents and expertise of Cartier's artistic crafts.

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