Sofia Vergara with a perfume for a special occasion

The actress Sofia Vergara will wear her own perfume, which she is going to launch in October specially for her wedding.

Sofia Vergara with a perfume for a special occasion

The star, that will say "yes" to her fiancé the actor Joe Manganiello, revealed that she is going to wear her own flavor, which will be called "Love". The ceremony is scheduled in Miami, Florida, in November.

When the actress was asked why she chose to launch a second flavor after the success of the first, Vergara explained that the new fragrance is specially designed for this important moment of her life.

43-year-old Sofia Vergara admitted she still prefers to wear men's fragrances. Moreover, Vergara is considering to further expand her collection of perfumes.

"This is an interesting business - a valuable and entertaining. I love perfume, I love the whole ritual of preparation of a woman. I do not feel ready, if I put a nice flavor", said the actress.

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