Paulo Battista is the winner of Most Stylish Real Men November 2016

It's time, we announce the top 5 winners of Most Stylish Real Men. So the winners for November are...

1st position: Paulo Battista - 71,32 %
2nd position: Andu Peride - 14,73 %
3rd position: Marian Manciu - 0,78 %
4th position: Sorin Lucian -0,78 %
5th position: Vladimir Stefan Popa - 0,78 %

Paulo Battista is the winner of Most Stylish Real Men November 2016

BGFN Most Stylish Real Men contest aims to see who dresses better - celebrities or regular men. Our selection of real men so far includes tailors, bloggers and businessmen. We also invite all stylish men from Europe and USA to join by sending us a photo and more information about themselves - name, profession, country. Send all information at

Most Stylish Real Men voting is now open so that you can select your favorites and show whose style you like more - those of the celebrities or of the real men. Let's choose the most stylish men for 2016 together! Vote for your favourites here:

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