3rd award ceremony of the Hightex Award

Already for the third time now the HIGHTEX AWARD was presented as an exclusive innovation prize at MUNICH FABRIC START. Specially designed on the basis of the latest technological material and process innovations in modern 3D production by VOJD Studios Berlin.

The winners were announced at the last MUNICH FABRIC START in Munich from 5 to 7 September 2017. Forming the perfect backdrop for this was the KEYHOUSE venue as a centre of innovation and expertise for new, smart fabric and additionals development.

A photocatalytic denim that binds air particles via sunlight thanks to its special finish made Kassim Denim the winner of the HighTex Award. At the award ceremony Qasim Ahmed highlighted the wholistic innovative and sustainable approach focused on by Kassim Denim with its new developments.

3rd award ceremony of the Hightex Award

Schoeller Textil from Switzerland took second place with a sustainable soft shell fabric combined with merino wool.

'We are particularly delighted that this award for our Schoeller fabric paid such great tribute to topic of sustainability. This prize is very important as it makes the public at large aware of future-oriented, sustainable product developments.' Sandra Hilty, Schoeller Textil

Third prize went to Vilartex aus Portugal, awarded for a new fibre combination containing 13% stinging nettle, thereby highlighting a new way of using a natural raw material that can be sustainably cultivated.

3rd award ceremony of the Hightex Award

This differentiated selection of market-relevant international companies in terms of technological approaches and functionalities within future-oriented product development once again demonstrates the need for a new developmental push, investment potential and the search for innovations. From this approach a complex performance spectrum has now emerged with international participation for the textile and fashion market. Presenting the HIGHTEX AWARD reaches both a marketing relevant public and achieves media impact as proven means to sustainably to push product launches.

'At MUNICH FABRIC START we see it as one of our core tasks to give this innovation management in the textile industry a high-impact public platform, to provide information on the state of the art on this growing market and highlight possibilities for networking and cooperation. The KEYHOUSE as a centre of innovation and expertise offers the perfect setting for this.' Frank Junker, Creative Director MUNICH FABRIC START

The spectrum of the over 1,500 product developments clustered according to the latest standards and submitted in the run-up to the trade fair once again presented a hugely varied range. These were primarily aimed at the principles of added value and/or increased functionality, equipped with functions for combatting harmful environmental influences as well as meeting the requirements of a smart fabric generation.

3rd award ceremony of the Hightex Award

Convening in the atmospheric setting of the Galerie '30Works' in Cologne at the end of August an expert jury, consisting of Christel Wickerath, Textilwirtschaft, Philipp Walendy, Alberto, Alex Vogt, Kern Kommunikation, Jo Baumgartner, Trends and Fabrics MUNICH FABRIC START as well as Frank Junker and Wolfgang Klinder, met to choose the most innovative developments. Not an easy decision given the numerous entries boasting excellent quality and innovation standards.

The entries were evaluated according to the following criteria High-Tex, Technology, Smart Fibres, Sustainability, Resource-Efficiency, Finishing, Finish, Functionality, Health and Circularity Process. Key criteria when judging the submitted fabrics and additionals were the aspects of process realisation and guaranteed market viability.

3rd award ceremony of the Hightex Award

According to data from the textile and clothing association Deutscher Verband fur Textil + Mode, technical textiles now account for a third of turnover in the textile industry. The strongest sales drivers here are high-tech fibres. The greatest future potential lies in smart textiles and wearables.

It is therefore only logical that this identified market potential is given a broad stage in Munich at leading international trade fairs for fabrics and additionals. Numerous interactions, round tables and key notes are now increasingly exploring the complex and global theme.

3rd award ceremony of the Hightex Award

The recently ending MUNICH FABRIC START therefore offered the ideal basis for the creation of networks fostering creativity, technology, process and communication. The dynamism and concentration of these components as well as the intensity they generate make it possible to already now experience the future in specific segments in a tangible way.

The next HIGHTEX AWARD will be presented at the next MUNICH FABRIC START running from 30 January to 1 February 2018.

Photos and information: www.munichfabricstart.com

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