303 TUSCANS – certificate for ETHICAL FASHION was given to Ethical brands from the Netherlands

On 21.01.2018 at Zuiderkerk, Amsterdam was held the second International conference Ethical Fashion – The New Fashion Formula, followed by the awards ceremony “303 TUSCANS“ – certificate for ETHICAL FASHION. The event took place during the popular fair Modefabriek.

The guests at the ceremony were very stylish and elegant, rivalling to the attendants at many Hollywood fashion events. The awards "303 TUSCANS" were given to people and organizations from the Netherlands, following the principles of ETHICAL FASHION and supporting the Italian supply chain.

303 TUSCANS – certificate for ETHICAL FASHION

“Ethical Dutch Designer“ - Addy van den Krommenacker
“Dutch Fashion Institute” - ARTez
“Dutch Fashion Academia” - Dima Stefanova
“Dutch Fashion Bruid Media” - Bruid & Bruidegom magazine
“Best young Dutch disigner“ - Carolina Riffi Ollite of Carat23
“Best Fashion Platform“ - Aurora Cotava of Salon de la moda
“Sustaineble Fashion Platform” - LENA Fashion Library
“Innovative young Dutch designer“ - Rianne de Witte
“Best Bridal Design house“ - Saskia Koppejan
“Innovative young sustainable designer“ - Denise Roobol

303 TUSCANS – certificate for ETHICAL FASHION

At the conference Dean Manev from TOC Fashion Academy Tuscany presented ETHICAL FASHION as the solution for sustainability in the fashion supply chain.

Due to price competition from the entry of fast fashion more than 50% of brands and retailers around the world have cashflow problems or they are already closed. Many students from all over the world, facing with the illogicality and hardness of the fashion industry, give up their dreams to work in the fashion industry.

TOC Fashion Academy Tuscany is going to provide 100,000 new business opportunities around the world for experienced and newly-formed trade brands, designers, distributors, retailars and fashion bloggers producing their collections in the Italian supply chain. Ethical fashion means transparency in the supply chain.

303 TUSCANS – certificate for ETHICAL FASHION

* TRANSPARENT AND FAIR MANUFACTURING - compliance with production standards and guaranteeing the well-being of people and communities behind the fashion:
- Traceability throughout the entire chain of production and deliveries of the garments and the origin of all the materials included in the collections.
- Conservation of resources and the environment.
* FAIR TRADE in the entire supply chain:
- Respect the Principle WIN – WIN for the entire supply chain in the fashion industry.
- Find a balance that will lead to increased sales and profits.
* HIGH VALUE PRODUCTS - use of traditional Italian technology to increase the value of the product.
* ECOLOGICAL FASHION - use of natural materials only.
* TRAINING THE CONSUMER for the long chain of events starting from textile production and ending with the purchase in the store.

303 TUSCANS – certificate for ETHICAL FASHION

Transparency is at the root of everything we can appreciate as ethical. Transparency will revive traditional crafts and create fair working places. The proposed new fashion model is the production of 12 fashion collections per year.

* THE MODEL “12 COLLECTIONS” - “See – Buy“ approach
Many world designers reject the traditional presentation of their pre-season collections for the upcoming seasons and are adopting the "See - Buy" approach - an opportunity for customers to buy garments right after the reviews.
* THE MODEL “12 COLLECTIONS” - The precentation of 12 collections during the year gives opportunities for trend definition and to maintain a leading role in world fashion.
* THE MODEL “12 COLLECTIONS” is a solution to the many negative effects of the "FAST FASHION".
"FAST FASHION" is a world-wide scourge in the fashion industry that doesn’t follow the principles of "ETHICAL FASHION" (copying trends, use of poor quality materials, non-compliance with production standards, unfair payment, etc.).
* PRODUCTION WITHOUT LEFTOVERS – The presentation of 12 collections will limit to a minimum the leftover in production - one of the main principles of ETHICAL FASHION.
* FLEXIBILITY - a competitive edge of Italian companies - the ability to create many models without minimum quantities.
* A BUSINESS MODEL, DIFFICULT TO BE COPIED - The presentation of 12 collections will create the impossibility of copying the designs and the business model of production.
Many global competitors produce the same size models (10,000 - 100,000 copies per model) with a slow delivery time of 6 to 10 months, they produce in factories, which don’t follow the principles of ETHICAL FASHION.
* INCREASEMENT OF PROFIT - the presentation of 12 collections per year will allow the Italian supply chain to reduce inventories and the number of unsold items.
* REMOVED LOSSES - a large amount of inventory destroys the value, increases the cost of sales, blocks many finances and causes resource losses and insecurity in the supply chain.
* PROOF OF ORIGINALITY - 12 collections can be a proof to customers that the collections are entirely produced in Italy. The competition will not be able to produce fashion items in small series, following the rules of ETHICAL FASHION.

303 TUSCANS – certificate for ETHICAL FASHION

303 TUSCANS – certificate for ETHICAL FASHION

After the ceremony there was a cocktail for all guests.

Media partner of the event was Be Global Fashion Network.

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