Winona Ryder hasn`t had surgery - she just eats salad

The 'Stay Cool' actress, 37, has amazed fans with her line-free face but her make-up artist insists her youthful looks are all natural.

Kim Collea said: "She hasn't aged and let me tell you, she has had absolutely nothing done.

"She is a very healthy eater, and I think that is a big part of it. It sounds boring, but the girl eats a lot of salads. And you know those giant Big Gulps cups that most people fill with soda? She's got hers filled with water."

Winona prefers a natural look and only opts for make-up in neutral tones.

Kim added to People magazine: "When it comes to Noni, less is always more. With her I did a mix of Neutrogena, Chanel, and this stuff called Alison Raffaele which is a natural line. She likes everything to be natural. Her palette is all ivories, and beiges and very light browns."

Kim is a big fan of her friend and client's style, in particular Winona's ability to accessorise.

She added: "She has the most amazing handbags. Designers send them to her. They are beautiful."

Photo: Winona Ryder at 2009 Costume Institute Gala

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