The Tiger - preferred tattoo

The Tiger - preferred tattooIn the year of the Tiger, the Chinese hieroglyph for the tiger is one of the most preferred tattoos for the Asian nations.

The Chinese hieroglyph is a magnificent symbol, embodying Earth Power and People's Life Defense. Tattoos with it carry a special symbolic. Pictures can be aggressive, playful, happy or evil, said the tattooist Rumen Somov from Stara Zagora. He also said that the hieroglyph is one the easiest making tattoos. It is believed that in certain degree the tattoo can influence positively or negatively its owner. According to Rumen Somov the symbol of the Tiger is beautiful in different colours, which shows the mood of the person. In antiquity, tattoos were served not only as an adornment but as a tribe's sign. People consider that they carry a kind of a magic power.

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