Slicked/Gelled hairstyles - top fashion trend

Slicked-Gelled hairstyles - top fashion trend The slicked back hairstyle will be the hit of the spring season, according to Spanish media, so grab you gel and get ready to remember the wet hair look.
Just try to avoid the dry, heavily brushed texturing, instead stick to a wet effect

To achieve the desired "wet look" effect is not necessary to use the whole pack of gel.
The first mistake that young girls do is make your hair look as if they’ve just taken a shower. You can use gel to make your hair wet and shiny but also to get textured effect with a wide toothed comb or with fingers.

One of the stars who are supporters of the wet look is actress Christine Stewart – she is using the gel to form her hair back for a very youthful style.

Photo: Nivea

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