Eva Longoria: My new perfume is sexy

Eva Longoria: My new perfume is sexy Actor Eva Longoria Parker says her perfume, Eva by Eva Longoria , is the perfect thing to attract a man.

The Desperate Housewives star launched her debut fragrance in April and believes men all over the world will love the scent and want their partners to wear it all the time. “I want him to devour the woman that’s smelling my fragrance. If he smells my fragrance he should jump on that woman,” Eva said.

Eva reveals her basketball player husband, Tony Parker, is impressed with the fragrance. “He loves it. He also is not a very big fan of overpowering scents and so he loves it because this one is light and subtle,” she said. “I was envious of my friends who could always wear all this perfume, so that’s when I decided to create Eva.”

The notes of the fragrance are harmonically blended of citruses, bergamot tea, neroli, aldehydes, jasmine, lily of the valley, freesia, leather musk, amber and sandalwood. The fragrance is available as 50 and 100ml edp.

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