JLove - the 20th fragrance of Jennifer Lopez

JLove - the 20th fragrance of Jennifer Lopez

The new perfume of the singer brings the stunning title JLove and it can be found in shops in October.

The star announced that her 20-th scent could be in Kohl's stores in the U.S.A. next month. "When we created the first perfume Glow, I was thinking how to do the most beautiful scent ever created. We made beautiful things with this perfume and I fell in love with the business", revealed the actress.

The perfume is dedicated to the theme of love and includes fruit flavors like white raspberry, pink grapefruit, mandarin and pineapple in a combination with hints of waterline, vanilla and skin musk.

JLove - the 20th fragrance of Jennifer Lopez

"I asked myself who I am and what I am. My message has always been love, whether it's about my music, my movies or something. This is a big part of me. We decided to name the perfume JLove because it says all about me with a simple little word ", said Jennifer Lopez to the website WWD.com.


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