Miley Cyrus is the new face of Marc Jacobs

Miley Cyrus is the new face of Marc JacobsMiley Cyrus is the new face of Marc Jacobs. The singer signed a contract with the fashion brand and will present this year's Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

Miley is known for her uniqueness but the upcoming shoot will reveal the singer in a more feminine light. Beautiful sunny beach is transformed into a movie set for the session , and Cyrus posing in tight jacket and brown pants of the brand. One of the photos make the singer looks dreamy, beautiful and tousled by wind hair.

The collaboration between Miley and the fashion brand is no surprise to anyone. The singer has always been a very close relationship with the designer and uses every possible occasion to greet him. Cyrus won a several charts of fashion because of the dresses of Marc Jacobs. "It's amazing to know people like Mark and Robert Duffy. They are incredible team and I am honored to be the face of their brand. They are people who are successful and famous in what they do", said Miley.

Miley Cyrus is the new face of Marc Jacobs

Miley Cyrus is the new face of Marc Jacobs


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