“Triumph International” offeres its spring – summer 2006 surprises

*The fashion giant proposes innovations in materials and shapes

Translator: Galina Kondova

Worldwide famous company “Triumph International” got ahead of time and presented to its bulgarian partners and media the newest collection of underwear, swimming suits, swimwear, home wear, nightwear and free-time wear for spring – summer 2006. By manner of the european fashion giants, on 5th august 2005 in Central Hotel Forum, Mrs Dora Black – manager of “Triumph International” (Sofia) and Mr Dirk Muller - production manager of the fashion giant in Munnich, presented to the attendants the newest fashion concept in a showroom, especially organized for the event. The simmingsuits shown at the end of the presentation were unique and a part of them was inspired by the forthcoming 2006 FIFA World Cup.

The vision of Triumph International for the underwear collection in the next summer is conformed with the current tendencies in fashion as whole, and is inspired by various fashion themes. Designers got inspiration from the beauty of the tropical gardens and they express it in a simple cut with a lot of satin in coral, rose, candy and other colours. The fresh whiff of spring is the other inspiration of the designers, who created models with a lot of lace with floral prints in vanilla, skyblue, turquoise, milk-green, mint-green. They took care of reminding us the sweetness of life through extremely luxurious and sexy models in magnolia, lilla and chrysantemum.

The innovation developped by “Triumph International” for the forthcoming season is the new material Comfort Cup, which has a special “space-between-stitch”. The priority is that it doesn”t turn yellow, it is soft and flexible and it lets in four times more air than traditioanl materials. Thanks to this quality “Soft and Natural” becomes the new series of comfort.

Summer is a really active and sporty season. The bras from “Sport Star” and “Energy” line offer extremely practicality while going in for sports thanks to the simple cut and elastic straps, which ensure comfort and secure bust while moving. “Form and Beauty” series guarantees self-confidence by taking care of the shapes and assuring the comfort dreamt of. “Fashion” line satisfies all tastes, thanks to the rich design an high-quality manufacture. The youthful series “Fashion Style”, suitable for women with a young spirit and high self-confidence, has skittish, fresh patterns, which allow a lot of independent combinations.

“Sloggy” fashion line relies on a high-quality manufacture, combined with the eternal humour and playfulness of the warm season. Laser cut hipster without stitch will be fashionable again, but this time in actual colors as peach, coral and sky blue in combination with merry sentences prints. In “Sloggy” series, which are specially created for men, models are manufactured by natural materials, which allow air to let in easily and to circulate through underwear and to deliver unique comfort.
Swimming suits and swimwear collection of “Triumph International”, designed for the next holiday season includes a variety of models – separate top and bottom parts and accessories in different colour combinations, which can be combined in countless ways and guarantees individualism and a fresh vision in every moment.

The innovation in the collection for the next warm season are connected with the new material of the “Wellness” line, where microcapsules with vitamines A, C, E are sticked in. Vitamine A takes care of the freshness of the skin and decreases the traces of aging, vitamine C supports strong immunity system and vitamine E recharges the body with energy and has an anti-oxidant influence.
The newest accents in swimmingswits are animal and floral prints or ethno motives, based on natural colors and colourful combinations. The sexuality on the beach is stressed with push-up effects and triangle shapes.

Faithful to the tendencies in swimming suits, designers have paid attention to the comfort on the beach and the aesthetic vision of the shapes. Accessories are multifunctional and varied – skirts, blouses, dresses, light tunics, shawls and of course slippers, hats and towels, matching to the swimmingsuits. You certainly will have a colorful summer if you choose prints with big flowers, palm leaves and decorative details – a mix of Careabean and Indian motives. The most actual designers’ decisions give a new – more practical and romantic shapes of the strips. The triangle top parts of the swimming suits are with whole whalebone, which connect both cups – for more comfort and an original vision. Belts with plastic buckles, advance-guard patterns or trim pleas are retro-messages in the collection.

Individuality is an expression of the personal preferences of each human. The new collection of home and bedwear, and free time wear for spring-summer 2006, has well distinguished color themes, which helps to create individual approach, oriented towards the the desires and needs of each customer. Fashion themes in the collection show a real vitality and variety of the shades, peculiar to summer – original motives, different details, including colourful images. Fresh cotton borders additionally inspire a youthful spirit. The dazzling variety of colourful shades gathered sunny shades as yellow, pink, green and all shades of blue gamma.

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