The campaign 'I like Bulgarian folklore dances' with an international support

We are happy and proud to announce that the campaign, organized by Richmart, folklore ensemble 'Bulgare', and Be Global Fashion Network, which aim is many people worldwide to start talking about Bulgaria and Bulgarian dances, is getting very popular and is supported by many Bulgarians and foreigners from Spain, Canada, England, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Slovenia, Poland, the USA and even from the Bulgarian team in Antarctica!

The campaign 'I like Bulgarian folklore dances' with an international support

Below you can see the video by Professor Christo Pimpirev - a Bulgarian scientist (geologist) and Polar explorer. Prof. Pimpirev is a doyen of the Bulgarian Antarctic Program. He took part in the first Bulgarian Antarctic Expedition during the 1987/88 austral summer, and has been the leader of the annual Bulgarian scientific campaigns in Antarctica from 1993 until now. He became the founding father of the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute (BAI) and its Director since 1993. He is also a Director of the National Center for Polar Research from 2007 up to now.

'All Bulgarian Polar explorers at the Bulgarian Antarctic base 'St. Kliment Ohridski' love Bulgarian folklore dances and we spread our love to many foreigners, who come to live and work here. We love Bulgarian folklore dances and I am sure, that they will conquer the world and they already do it!'

We want also to say 'Thank you' to all Bulgarian folklore ensembles, which send us videos of their performances! You can watch them at: //

Many celebrities also joint the initiative by recording video messages, saying 'I like Bulgarian folklore dances'. All the videos are available at //


The campaign continues and its peak will be on May 24, 2015. We appeal to all the Bulgarians worldwide to join the initiative by dancing Bulgarian folklore dances (hora) and shoot short videos, which to publish on YouTube or facebook, titled 'I like Bulgarian folklore dances!'

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