Bulgarian was declared the most beautiful woman of the Millennium

Lazarina StefanovaLazarina Stefanova grabbed the crown "Seniora Belleza Millennium" 2010 in the contest for married women, which was held in Santo Domingo and was declared the most beautiful woman of the Millennium.

Lazarina, who is Mrs. Bulgaria World 2009 was competing for the crown with beauties from 36 countries on 5 continents. Winning the title Mrs. Millennium is the biggest win of a Bulgarian woman on international competition so far.

The crown was handed to Lazarina by last year's winner from Dominica, whose country hosted the contest.

The organizer of the beauty contest - Mr. Jasol Cabral remained impressed with our girl and invite her on a week-long vacation in the Dominican Republic.
Lazarina decided to take advantage of the reward later, because she was eager to share the joy of the victory with family and friends in Bulgaria.

Source: erogance.eu

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