Princess Diana’s black dress sold for $276,000

Princess Diana’s black dress The scandalous black dress of Princess Diana has been sold at auction for $276,000.

Diana was a style icon before she was even a princess. Many of her most famous looks were sold at auction, including a black gown once dubbed "scandalous".

The taffeta black dress, designer by David and Elizabeth Emanuel was named too sexy for its strapless cleavage-baring neckline. Moreover, the black color was to be worn by royals exclusively at funerals.

Diana wore the famous dress, which was originally designer as a sample for a British actress, to her first official appearance after announcing her engagement to Prince Charles. The gown was sold at an auction Kerry Taylor Auctions in London with the original invoice and photographs of how the princess wears it.

"We just thought she looked amazing, we were just not expecting the huge reaction from the press. For a young, naive 19-year-old, it was her transition into a Princess superstar." - recalls Elizabeth Emanuel.

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