Jenson Button to be the new face of Hugo Boss

Jenson Button to be the new face of Hugo BossThe world champion of Formula 1 Jenson Button has been signed as the ambassador for BOSS Bottled Sport, the newest addition to the BOSS Bottled portfolio.

This is not the first time the 32-year-old former world champion (in 2009) has modeled for Boss, since he and Lewis Hamilton were part of the 30th anniversary celebration of Hugo Boss’s partnership with McLaren in 2011. Now Jenson Button is fronting the Sport version of Boss Bottled.

"I am charmed to be the ambassador of the fragrance BOSS BOTTLED. SPORT. I was in a hurry really to take part in this very emblematic publicity campaign. Moreover, this perfume takes as a starting point the mental preparation, a weapon which I use at each season for each of the 19 races. Indeed, to pass the stage of the qualifications, then to gain victories, it is necessary to show excellent mental. All the pilots are very gifted, but what makes the difference Formulates 1 of them, it is the preparation ", entrusts the British pilot.

The athletic version of the original fragrance BOSS BOTTLED will be proposed in France from April 2.

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