10th Anniversary Who Is On Next? - promotion and support for young designers

The artist invited to represent the 25th AltaRomAltaModa event is DAINEager anticipation for the 10th date with “Who Is On Next?”, the scouting project conceived and developed by AltaRomAltaModa in collaboration with Vogue Italia for the search and promotion of young designers on the national and international scene which, this year, will include the “10th Anniversary Who Is On Next?” exhibition, celebrating the project’s ten-year milestone. The 10th anniversary event will feature an overview detailing the creative vision of talents who, from the first year to-date, have graced the Altaroma catwalks.

yoox.com, the world’s leading online lifestyle store for fashion, design and art confirms, once, again its commitment to the support of young designers and renovates the long-term partnership with “Who Is On Next?”.

yoox.com will guide the designers in the development of their brands, by offering the winners of “Who Is On Next?” 2014 an international visibility through the global window of its e-commerce channel, available in more than 100 countries worldwide.

A slew of young designers hailing from Altaroma’s creative “breeding ground”, including Esme Vie, Fabio Quaranta, Greta Boldini and San Andrès Milano will present their collections. Young designers who have once again chosen the capital to present their S/S 2015 collections. Rome thus confirms its role as an ideal location to give exposure to ideas and free expression, intercepting the demand of new markets, increasingly aware of quality, craftsmanship and contemporary creativity.

.Esme Vie, a brand launched in 2013 by Julia Voitenko, winner of the ninth edition of “Who Is On Next?”, returns to Rome with an exclusive preview of its new Summer 2015 Collection, featuring the presentation of the brand’s prestigious evening line, together with combinations of vintage inspiration upgraded with a contemporary twist.

Discovered at “Who Is On Next?” and the 2010 winner in the men’s category, Fabio Quaranta presents a S/S 2015 collection that plays on the aesthetic dichotomy common to several well-known celebrities in the world of art, music and literature, all protagonists of the last fifty years of the history of international culture. A chorus of often controversial voices and strong identities that allows the designer to move freely on the dividing line which, since the very beginning, has distinguished the sartorial elements of garments designed for the workplace.

Greta Boldini, a finalist brand at the 2013 contest, stemming from the alchemy of the creative minds of Alexander Flagella and Michela Musco, presents a S/S 2015 collection which, based on the techniques of a “Four Hand”ouevre, stirs the imagination of more sensitive souls by taking them in discovery of four seemingly different worlds: the cinema of David Lynch with his masterpiece Mulholland Drive; the incontrovertible glamour of Sofia Coppola; the melodic tales of Lana Del Rey and, finally, the awe-inspiring paintings by Hopper.

A finalist at the eighth edition of “Who Is On Next?”, San Andrès Milano returns for the fourth time to the Roman catwalks : Roma…Amor de Mis Amores is the title of his preview collection for the forthcoming summer season. Two worlds permeated by a cultured, intellectual romanticism, in an alternation of emotional frames destined to dictate the nature of an intense, unique career path. Rome and Mexico City. These are the settings within which which the woman featured in the San Andrès Milano collection for the forthcoming S/S 2015 collection lightly flits.

To further reinforce the space given to the promotion of young talents, Altaroma, in collaboration with Vogue Talents, takes pleasure in presenting A View On Talents, a selection of Italian designers, curated by Sara Maino, Senior Editor di Vogue Italia and Vogue Talents.

The partnership between Altaroma and Vogue Italia has been renewed and, like the scouting project “Who Is On Next?”, once again confirms a desire to support young talents and nurture fresh, innovative experimental creativity.


1. If The Shoe Fits, 2014 by DAIN courtesy of AVANT GALLERY, Collage, acrylic and enamel on board 48 × 36 inches © Dain, Folioleaf

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