Clothing and footwear manufacturers from Poland with a common label "Polish Fashion"

Domestic clothing and footwear manufacturers have decided to join forces to strengthen the image of Polish brands both at home and abroad. Companies participating in the programme "Polish Fashion" will start tagging their products with the common label since September.

Clothing, footwear and leather accessories designed and manufactured in Poland are popular among foreign customers, because they are high quality products designed with attention to every detail and they are available at affordable prices. More and more often appreciated are also the concern about the environment of Polish companies and manufacturing on the basis of a cooperation between small businesses.

Clothing and footwear manufacturers from Poland with a common label

Growing awareness of foreign customers about the quality of Polish products has encouraged manufacturers to promote all the fashion companies that manufacture their products exclusively in Poland under the common label "Polish Fashion":
- The campaign will not advertise specific brands, but the idea of buying products from Polish companies. It will present the history of people and businesses, their commitment and how Polish manufacturers create fantastic collections with attention to the smallest detail - explains Edyta Bonin-Kanikowska, director of Poznań Fashion Fair and coordinator of the "Polish Fashion" programme.

The project will begin on the first day of Poznań Fashion Fair, i.e. on 2nd September 2014 (Poznań International Fair). The event will include Polish Fashion Show where the latest collections of programme participants will be presented. The promotional activities will be carried out in two ways as they will be addressed both to the owners of boutiques and end consumers.

The first effects of the campaign will be visible at Poznań Fashion Fair - Polish producers' stands will be marked with the "Polish Fashion" labels. The distinctive logo will be also found in the directory of exhibitors and on the trade fair map. Whereas, end-customers will be able to easily recognise Polish products in shops and showrooms because of the "Polish Fashion" tags attached to the new collections of clothing, footwear and leather goods.

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