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'Overall Contribution to the fashion industry' Award for Richmart

'Overall Contribution to the fashion industry' Award for Richmart

The prestigious awards Zlatna igla /Golden needle/ are an annual event honoring the people from the fashion industry, who have achieved higher results during the year. RICHMART - the most modern factory for made-to-measure men's suits in Europe, received the 'Overall Contribution to the fashion industry' award. The company was represented by its owner Martin Yordanov, its sales manages Dean Manev and Martina Martini from Richmart Junior.

Urban style obsesses sports fashion
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Urban style obsesses sports fashion

For the first time sports fashion company Bapa Sport invites a Bulgarian fashion designer for working out an elegant fashion line aimed at refreshing the company style.

Bapa Sport turned its attention to Milka Aleksandrova – Buchi who is a bearer of many nominations for „Zlatna igla“ (Golden needle) awards of Bulgarian Fashion Academy.

She presented her newest collection for Bapa Sport on February, 15th in the Central Military Club – Sofia.

Virginia Zdravkova and Agressia won
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Virginia Zdravkova and Agressia won "Golden needle 2003"

On great interest and very splendid and stylish passed by the official ceremony of 10th anniversary Bulgarian Fashion Academy Awards Zlatna Igla 2003 /Golden Needle 2003/. The gala-evening for voting and handing the most prestigious fashion awards in Bulgaria was on March 13th, 2004 in Inter Expo Center. The Fashion Academy /launched in 1993 in Paris by Donka Ganeva and Lubomir Stoykov/ proof that the most impartial assessment of the fashion design achievements belongs to the Fourth power - of the fashion journalists. And the winners are: Designer of the year and winner of Zlatna igla 2003 for personal contribution to the Bulgarian fashion design became Virginia Zdravkova /Virginia atelier/, Fashion house of the year – Agressia /manager Maja Asenova/, Fashion photographer – Valentin Mechanov and winner of the award for total contribution to the Bulgarian design - Bulgarian Fashion Forum in the face of its chairman Ivan Chalakov.

Comfort and chic in Elena Moskvichovas collection

Comfort and chic in Elena Moskvichovas collection

In a few days will be displayed a new collection for spring-summer 2004 by the famous fashion house “A-Style” with designer Elena Moskvichova. That will happen in the prestigious Ryla Hotel in Sofia on March 4th in front of special audience. The designer /she was nominated for “Zlatna Igla 2002” /Golden Needle 2002/ by the Fashion Academy/, will show over 50 pieces separated and structured in three different themes.

The first one is devoted to every-day-life comfort and is made by knitted fabrics that designer selected for the first time and combined with lace and mesh. The variety of combinations - skirts and blouses or daily suits with jackets, in that case sleeveless, is great.

The second theme contains two-parts business suits diversified by materials, variety of bright colors and the button up technics. Typical for her previous collection was edging but for spring-summer collection the designer put a special accent on lace and play with little details as lapels, sleeves etc. You can notice eastern motives in some of the suits.

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