A men's suits manufacturer has found the key to employee's health - Folknetika

* Folknetika is a new type of sport, which prevents from sedentary, stress and depression and serves as prevention against cancer and other diseases

Today it is very trendy to say that some large company is socially responsible. This means to contribute to the creation of new job possitions, high-quality innovative products, healthy lifestyle, etc. Usually these initiatives are directed outside the company. But what happens inside the company? Does anyone care about the employees  and their health?

Sedentary lifestyle kills 500,000 Europeans annually. This shows an EU report on physical activity.

Sedentary lifestyle can lead to heart diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure. Even if only 1/5 of the Europeans implement these methods of prevention, this would save at least 100,000 lives every year!

What's the problem?

- many professions require sitting for 8 or more hours per day – on a desk, in a vehicle, etc.

- personal computers, video games, Internet and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Printerest, Instagram, LinkedIn) are a huge part of contemporary people's lives and also lean to less physical activity;

Why other sports and dance styles didn't solve the problem?

- they require a lot of time and expensive equipment and often these demotivate people to keep going after a workout or two. Furthermore, the unique effect, which I will tell you about below, is missing

There is a solution and it has been found by the business

Richmart is a men's made-to-measure suits manufacturer that works with customers from 30 countries. For several years the company has made a survey among its clients and saw that one group of customers ordered more slim cut suits in brighter and more cheerful patterns and more pieces for one year. These people were interviewed and the reasons why they are slimmer, more cheerful and successful were revealed.

They all practice Bulgarian folklore dances.


The old but great cure against stress and depression was rediscovered - it's called Bulgarian dances!
It is unique and it's not a coincidentace that it has already been spread around the world through different schools and groups.

One year ago Richmart started a global campaign and organized a competition for video clips, which aim was to make Bulgarian dances even more popular for the whole world and help them take their rightful leading place among dances worldwide.

What is unique about Bulgarian dances and how do they influence health?

Bulgarian dances are the only dances in the world that are in Asymmetric meters. Asymmetric meter is a musical meter with an irregular pulse.

Asymmetric meters are the key to the healthy impact of these dances and make them different from all other dances in the world.

According to a research, made by a group of scientists, the dance affects the nervous system both calming and restorative. The person forgets his/her problems and becomes more cheerful and relaxed.

Other beneficial effects of dancing Bulgarian dances include:

- Cohesion, unity (of the team or group);
- Charging with positive energy;
- Continuation of centuries - old tradition inherited from the Thracians;
- Cosmic rhythms – Horo (the traditional Bulgarian folklore dance) is an energetic model of our solar system - it is moving counterclockwise as celestial bodies with occasional change of direction - like the episodic retrograde motion of the planets, looked from the Earth;
- Horo creates powerful vibration (the idea was people to be united with the Space).

What diseases  do Bulgarian folklore dances prevent?

- sedentary - dances protect the heart;
- stress and depression - dances protect the soul;
- cancer and other diseases.

Advantages of Bulgarian dances in comparison with other dances and sports:

- they could be dances everywhere and for every occasion;
- there is no limitation about age or gender;
- they bring new knowledge and skills;
- they don't need special equipment.

How can we give this treasure to the whole world?

- A new type of sport was invented - FOLKNETIKA

Folknetika is a presentation of folklore in a new, modern way. A combination of beautiful dance movements and rhythmic steps.

Even if only 1/5 of the Europeans with a sedentary lifestyle start practicing Folknetika, at least 100,000 lives will be saved for ONE year!

The main idea is Folknetika to be spread around the companies and practiced by their employees for a few minutes in their breaks during the work time.

Make your business more successful and your employees - more motivated and happy!

Does Folknetika require a special clothing?

NO. Traditionally Bulgarian dances are performed with costumes, but Folknetika can be practiced with modern clothing, too. So, we give examples that even men in formal suits can dance Bulgarian dances.

Good examples:

- the extraordinary success of the Bulgarian football team in 1994 is largely due to the Horo - the main method for recovery after a game and to get in tune before that;
- 'There is no other source of adrenaline like our folk dances. It saved me from depression', says Roza Marinova.

See top 100 videos 2015, vote and get an inspiration to practice Folknetika!


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