Sedentary lifestyle is the key risk factor for people's lives and health

* It annually kills half million Europeans

It is not a secret that sedentary lifestyle is extremely harmful to humans - not only for their bodies but also for the emotional and mental health.

Researches show that sitting at your desk all day long, increases mortality with 20% in males and 40% in females and every year 500,000 Europeans and 1.9 million people worldwide die from sedentary. This is the result of all the damages that lack of physical activities causes, including:
Sedentary lifestyle is the key risk factor for people's lives and health

  • daily prolong sitting for more than 10 years double the risk of colon cancer;

  • people who sit longer are threatened by obesity - sitting in a chair consumes three times less calories per minute compared to moderate movement;

  • sitting for long periods brings digestive problems;

  • sedentary lifestyle damages the health of the kidneys - especially in women;

  • for lugs it is more difficult to supply the body with oxygen, when we are sitting;

  • the enzymes responsible for burning fat shutting down and the metabolic rate is reduced;

  • for every 2 hours that a person watches TV or stay in front of a computer, the risk of type 2 diabetes increases with 14% ;

  • less active people have a greater risk of developing high blood pressure;

  • people who are sedentary have the highest rate of heart attacks;

  • sedentary lifestyles are likely to be causing as many deaths as smoking;

  • lack of physical activity increases the loss of lean muscle tissue, which makes everyday regular activities much more difficult to perform;

  • back ache and neck pain are very common in people with little physical activities;

Sedentary lifestyle is the key risk factor for people's lives and health

  • bone loss also progresses much faster in people who have sedentary lifestyle, which rises the risk of osteoporosis;

  • sitting for too long leads to frequent headaches and sleeping disorders;

  • lack of physical activities brings feelings of anxiety and depression;

  • the brain function also slows down, when a person is sedentary for long periods (more than 4 hours a day), which can lead to dementia;

  • long hours at the computer also affects people's social life - they don't spend enough time with their families and friends, which at one point, brings feelings of loneliness, misunderstanding and apathy.

Sedentary lifestyle is the key risk factor for people's lives and health

Studies show that every one in four Europeans leads a sedentary lifestyle with no exercises - these are mainly women and youth.

This costs Europe EUR 80 billion per year, while even small changes can lead to huge results! For example - walking or ryding a bycicle to and back from work; taking a short walk in the lunch break; long walks in the nature at every opportunity (evenings, weekends, vacations); using stairs instead of an elevator; walking or cycling to the supermarket; give yourself a minute for stretching every time you stand up from the chair; etc.

Enjoying a folklore dance club could be a great additiont to your seeking of a healhier and happier lifestyle.

Traditional Bulgarian dances are proven to have a beneficial effect on a human's body, but this is not all - folklore dance clubs are a great places for making friends and relaxing in a good company after a tiring day.

Even if only 1/5 of the Europeans implement these methods of prevention, this would save at least 100,000 lives every year!

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