Top 10 Bulgarian models

beauty will save the world” – this popular saying turns in my head while selecting the photos for this article, which aims to show you the 10 most beautiful Bulgarian models. This is a selection of 10 beautiful models who are real beauties with their own charm and sex appeal.

Gergana Doncheva Gergana Doncheva

Gergana Doncheva - one of the most attractive Bulgarian models.

Diana Ivancheva Diana Ivancheva

Diana Ivancheva - second in the contest Miss Top Model Of The World in Berlin. Best Model of Bulgaria for 2009.

Gergana Guncheva Gergana Guncheva

Gergana Guncheva - Miss Bulgaria World 2004.

Geya Antonova Geya Antonova

Geya Antonova - she is well known from different commercial ads, photo session and media appearances.

Dilyana Popova Dilyana Popova

Dilyana Popova - topmodel of Xground.

Rositsa IvanovaRositsa Ivanova

Rositsa Ivanova - Miss Bulgaria 2005.

Slavena Vutova Slavena Vutova

Slavena Vutova - Miss Bulgaria 2006.

Elitsa Liubenova Elitsa Liubenova

Elitsa Liubenova is “Miss Bulgaria Universe" 2009.

Natalia Gurkovova Natalia Gurkovova

Natalia Gurkovova is Miss Universe Bulgaria 1998.

Hristina Hlebarova Hristina Hlebarova

Hristina Hlebarova is a model of Ivet Fashion. She also works for the Italian agency Elite Model.

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