Cara Delevingne & TAG Heuer: the It Girl and the It brand

Paris, January 23, 2015 - Skate park or red carpet? Sneakers or stilettos? Ravishing smile or funny face? Difficult choices to make, which is why TAG Heuer (the Swiss Avant-Garde watchmaker since 1860) takes it all and chooses Cara Delevingne - the most disruptive It Girl of the moment - as its new feminine ambassador. She has a massive social media presence, is up for everything, and relishes freedom.

Born under the sign of Leo in London in 1992, Cara is the new ruling queen of the media jungle, the It Girl spokesperson for the online generation, and the top fashion model of our day. What is most refreshing about her is the way she navigates so cooly through these high-pressure worlds, with her indomitable take-me-as-I-am élan.

Before Cara, top models stared out from magazine covers and walked down catwalks. By just being herself, she doesn't just give us another pretty picture, but a whole, extraordinary, irreverent and gloriously gorgeous package. She is a true path-breaker, who, like TAG Heuer, pushes past conventions and limits with creativity and passion, and never cracks under pressure. She perfectly embodies the core values of the Swiss brand.

Cara Delevingne & TAG Heuer: the It Girl and the It brand

TAG Heuer held Cara Delevingne's 'Welcome to the TAG Heuer Family' fête in the Salle Melpomène, the most beautiful room in the Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris. After all, where other than Paris, on the eve of Fashion Week, could such a celebration be held? The catwalk princess was positively radiant and at her cheeky best as she charmed the 150 journalists and VIPs in attendance.

The exhibition space, named after the Greek muse of tragedy, was magically transformed for the occasion into a theatre of antiquity, with the solemnity of a red carpet experience and the unexpected presence of wildness. Cara, unafraid of the muse's spell, showed her impish tomboy side as she strode boldly down the aisle, gliding around … a lion. Yes, lion, like the one tattooed on her index finger, her emblem - with floating mane and graceful gait perfectly matching Cara's. The audience was stunned into silence; no one had expected it, or seen anything like it.

Who would dare pull such a stunt? TAG Heuer, of course. And who would dare accept it? Cara Delevingne, who else?

Cara Delevingne & TAG Heuer: the It Girl and the It brand

Cara Delevingne & TAG Heuer: the It Girl and the It brand

Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer and President of LVMH Watches Worldwide, greeted Cara Delevingne by offering her a TAG Heuer Formula One Steel and Black Ceramic Chronograph set with glittering diamonds - the perfect match for Cara's unique rock'n'roll glamour.

Cara Delevingne & TAG Heuer: the It Girl and the It brand

'I am delighted to welcome Cara into the TAG Heuer family,' said Mr. Biver. 'This is always a very solemn moment. The TAG Heuer family is not just an idea, it is a team, with true team spirit. We needed someone disruptive yet elegant like Cara to open our minds to the brashness and boldness of today's youth. TAG Heuer has set its sights on 'it-ness', and Cara is just the person to help us get there. Thank you for joining the team, Cara, and welcome aboard!'

Cara Delevingne & TAG Heuer: the It Girl and the It brand

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